Fall in love with Winter


After going to the crazy show at the Glass House in Pomona with Bleached, together PANGEA, Cherry Glazerr and Winter, the Fresh Zine got to talk with Samira of Winter on what she loves about Southern California and a few surprises for the next year!

Fresh: You’re originally from Boston, what made you want to move to California?

Samira: I’m actually originally from Brazil. I moved to Boston for college and once I graduated I knew I wanted to go somewhere warmer. I had done a road trip, the previous year, on PCH and just fell in love with California. That was when I knew I needed to live here.

F: Do you like it here so far?

S: Yes! I love the weather, love the food, and love the Mexican influence. Musically, it’s more garagey than what I imagined but I still have yet to discover so many more bands and venues. I love the vibe and people are a lot more relaxed here than in the east coast, which makes me feel more comfortable.

F: Do you think there are some differences between the music scene here in SoCal and the one in Boston?

S: Yes! I really miss the house show scene in Boston/Allston. There was a lot more shoegaze and noise there, but again I haven’t been in LA for too long so those scenes probably exist but in a smaller scale. LA definitely has a lot more “bigger” bands that are just part of the scene since they live here. I also like how LA feels a little more organized in the sense of booking and labels. There’s a lot more of a garage and retro scene here but I’m so excited to keep meeting bands and playing shows! There’s so much more to discover.

F: You’ve just recently released your Daydreaming EP on tape through Lolipop Records, what were some of your influences for writing and creating that dreamy, shoegaze-y sound?

S: Well, I wrote the songs having Real Estate, Rilo Kiley, Pains of Being Pure At Heart as my influences. But the sound is attributed to the producer/engineer of Winter, Nolan Eley, who made the songs summery and dreamy sounding. He is heavily influenced by Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine.

F: Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

S: Yes! Definitely a full length early next year and an EP with the new Winter line up in LA in 2014 as well.

F: Since the year is ending pretty soon, do you have any future plans for the bands that you’re excited about?

S: We have had such good reception from Cali these past months. We are splitting for the holidays and I’m going back to Brazil and am going to play a tour there with some of the Winter members as well as a friend of mine from home. After the Brazil tour, we’ll all be back in LA and will hopefully play SXSW which we are super excited about!

Winter on Facebook
Winter on Bandcamp


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