Getting to Know Lolipop Records + Mix

gettin 2 know

Lolipop Records is an independent label and record shop that’s currently based in Los Angeles, CA. The Fresh Zine got to talk to Wyatt Blair about Lolipop’s humble beginnings, music and a super sweet mix to listen and enjoy for the weekend (or like forever). You can listen to the mix here.

F: Lolipop Records has been around for a few years now, how did it all begin?

L: Lolipop Records started in 2009 in Laguna Beach, CA…myself (Wyatt Blair) & Thomas Dolas started a band called Mr.Elevator & The Brain Hotel…we recorded a demo and wanted to make cassettes so we made a “fake label” called Lolipop Records…I got a “high” from making cassettes so I decided to make more cassettes for other bands as a full functioning label…it started by us making handmade tapes hand-dubbed and printed every one numbered and drawn on…we ended up moving to Los Angeles as a band to be in the city…& over time we wanted to keep putting out more and more tapes so we started using a professional cassettes company to press with!!! our tapes from then on are professionally dubbed and printed and mastered…that was a big step for us, as of not we are doing handmade tapes again…so it is mostly professionally made cassettes and a few hand made tapes as well, since we want to keep it true to how we started 🙂 in 2012 things started getting more hectic so we invited Jeremy Katz into Lolipop Records to help with orders/packaging/tape pick ups and whatnot….we had a rehearsal space in Echo Park (Los Angeles, CA) where Mr.Elevator, Mystic Braves, Froth, Adult Books would practice and record…the retail space next door to us was vacant, so we asked building mgmt. what the deal was…they said it has been vacant for a while…so we said FUCK IT! LETS OPEN A RECORD/CASSETTE STORE AND MAKE LOLIPOP RECORDS A PLACE FOR EVERYONE TO COME ENJOY…We invited our dear friend Dan Quintanilla to join the lolipop crew and ever since he joined we have been able to make lolipop records to the next level, and now have a solid family here always providing to you the bestest of local artists cassettes and vinyl from LA & ACROSS THE GLOBE!!! 🙂

F: Was it difficult to start a label? What were some of the easiest (or hardest) things you had to deal with when you first started up?
L: Not at all! You just have to really and truly LOVE what you do, it is the funnest and most rewarding thing in the world to me 🙂 I’d say the hardest thing is to keep organized with online orders and keep track of every thing you sell along with keeping inventory of exactly what you have and don’t have…pretty much, ORGANIZATION is hardest in starting a record label, hahaha!

F: Since they’re a pretty big part of Lolipop, why tapes?

L: Well for one, they are tangible pieces of music, you can hold the music in the palm of your hands! You can ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY watch the music being played and more than that it is a piece of ART!!! The packaging is cute and you can purchase a WHOLE album for only $5.00 on cassette. It is an analog form of music so it sounds incredible warm…. you can’t get any of these feelings from an mp3 file somewhere lodged in your computer….

F: Are there any releases that you’re excited to put out? Any recommendations for the readers? 

L: Our most recent is a band called WINTER, their cassette “Daydreaming” is amazing…. We will be releasing their brand new LP and doing a 7″ for them as well!!! THEY ARE OUR NEW OBSESSION!!! We also just released a cassette from a band called Kat Kong, it’s awesome and are hand made, super fun stuff, you should check it out 😉 The *pre-order* is available for our official 3rd 7″ vinyl “Night Chills” from a band called So Many Wizards, they are amazing and I would bet your bottom dollar you will fall in love with them, CHECK IT OUT! 😉 Our next cassette is the Jjuujjuu cassette & the brand new album from Lolipop Records OG Laguna Beachers, Your Ugly Sister with their new album “Slaves” available end of the month on cassette and 12″ LP next year! The best way to keep updated is by following us on facebook and visiting our official website & 

 F: Since 2013 is slowly coming to a close, do you have any big plans for Lolipop in 2014?

L: OH SHEESH! A lot of them are surprised….but we’re aiming for the starts this coming year!!! In march we will be doing a “FAMILY OF FREAKS” Lolipop Records Caravan Tour to SXSW with 6 of our artists playing and traveling to Austin and back for SXSW. We are also releasing a BOX-SET for my favorite song-writer and band called The Resonars, a 4-cassette box-set of every album by them and more starting from circa 1990??? I AM ABSOLUTELY HONORED, I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE TO YOU IN WORDS!!! We have a ton of special surprises up our sleeves, just keep updated with us and join in on the lolipop shenanigans 😉

Keep up with Lolipop Records on facebook and if yr around town, drop in and say hello to you’re new favorite shop in LA!


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