REVIEW: “It’s retro, it’s gloomy, It’s Alive”

Lora of No Skipped Tracks  teamed up with the Fresh Zine to bring a short and sweet review on La Luz’s debut album It’s Alive.


Out of the Seattle fog comes La Luz, a surf rock quartet whose sound is as reminiscent of the Washington forests it was born out of as it is of the Dick Dale era.

The group’s debut, It’s Alive, was released earlier this month and proves the girls’ ability to dish out a variety of sounds, which is no easy feat in a genre marked by similitude.

The album begins with “Sure As Spring”, which sounds like an overlooked classic with its old school tone. The track was released earlier in the year on the Damp Face E.P., along with “Call Me In A Day”, which is a cry to a lost lover with doo-wop backing vocals. Immediately following it is the shoulder shaker “Pink Slime”, who shares its predecessor’s doo-wop, but is a faster dancehall anthem. On top of it all, kicking instrumentals like “Sunstroke” and the intro to “Phantom Feelings” act as tributes to surf rock stars and tie the album together.

There’s no way around it: the girls are talented. They mix classic surf riffs with eerie tones, Shana Cleveland’s haunting lead vocals, and hints of doo-wop. The result is a blend of surfy Seattle haze that asks to be listened to under a gloomy Fall sky.


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